Sudocrem Lifes Little Travel Emergencies

Irish people lost €11.7 million in confiscated items whilst travelling in the past year.
Sudocrem launches ‘Life’s Little Travel Emergencies’ to help soothe the Irish nations travel packing woes.

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Five things you might not know about Sudocrem

It’s that little tub that’s been trusted by generations to help soothe a long list of skin ailments, but just how well do you know Sudocrem? Read on to learn about an all-rounder that’s lasted the test of time.

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What’s in a name — Sudo-cream or Sudo-cremm?

Like many of the best-loved products, Sudocrem has humble beginnings. It was created by a Dublin pharmacist named Thomas Smith. He wanted to make his own all-purpose skin cream to meet the demand of his customers. The product that we know today as Sudocrem was first produced from the back of his pharmacy in Cabra on Dublin’s northside, not far from the Phoenix Park.

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How to make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep

Like many expectant mums, Edel Gargan thought she was well prepared for the challenge of bringing up her baby. She had read the parenting books, got all the equipment she needed for her child and was excited about that special mother-daughter bonding time they would have once they were home from hospital.


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As old as Sudocrem…

Sudocrem has been trusted by generations and it is a proud Irish brand with a remarkable history.

The much-loved, all-purpose cream was first created by Dublin pharmacist Thomas Smith in Cabra on the northside of the city in 1931.

So what else is as old as Sudocrem? We turn our gaze far and wide.


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Walking step-by-step into a great habit for life

It was little more than a New Year’s Eve whim. Ciara Kelly, the Newstalk broadcaster and a former mentor on RTE’s Operation Transformation, tweeted that from January 1, 2019 she was planning on making time for a walk every day, for 100 consecutive days, and invited others to do the same.


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How to make sure your kids don’t become digital zombies

Peter Cosgrove adores technology. He recognises the extraordinary tools that smartphones and tablet computers have become and he believes they can be invaluable for children too. But he is adamant that the balance has to be got right — or we adults and our children will become slaves to Silicon Valley.


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Caring for our carers

It was a Friday in November 2018 that Brenda O’Connell Barry will never forget. Not only did the Cork woman get a rare day off from the duties of caring for her son, who suffers from a severely debilitating condition, but she was guest of honour at a special ceremony in Dublin where she was recognised as Careplus Carer of the Year.

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How Parkrun helps families to get fit — and to bond

Killian Byrne has little interest in a Saturday lie-in — and it doesn’t matter whether the rain is bucketing down or the wind is howling. Saturday morning means Parkrun and for Killian and his 11-year-old daughter, Katie, it’s a trip to nearby Marlay Park in south Dublin for the latest instalment of the increasingly popular 5km race.

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The A to Z of Sudocrem — get to know a proud Irish all-rounder

A is for Acne. It’s the skin condition that affects so many of us, especially in our late teens. Generations have been dabbing on Sudocrem in a bid to help them keep the spots under control.


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How sport can harness your child’s true potential

The village of Carnmore lies 12km east of Galway city. Its GAA club is almost exclusively concerned with hurling. And one man at the club lives and breathes the small ball game.


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Transform your mindset – for a fitter, healthier, happier you

“It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.” It is a simple maxim but one that is essential for anyone who is trying to lose weight and get fit to take heed of. And it’s a mantra espoused time and again by clinical psychologist, Dr Eddie Murphy.”

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